The first pig processing plant in Kampuchea voted to build good profitability of the industry

China leather network (Ouyang Zhi compile) according to foreign media reports, Kampuchea’s first pigskin processing factory building, a total investment of $8 million, is expected to be completed by the end of 2015. The factory is located in Sihanouk Province, covers an area of 6.6 hectares, the employee is about 1000 people.
It is reported that the factory by a company in Kampuchea and a Chinese Enterprise Co co investment and construction. Cambodia enterprise representative said that the investment pigskin processing factory is as optimistic about the profitability of the industry. On behalf of the China mentioned as an example, China imported pigskin only need to pay about $2000 a ton, but after processing into finished leather can be sold for 30 thousand dollars a ton.
Cambodia business representatives also said that at present more than 50 of Kampuchea shoe bag factory to finished leather raw materials, but most are from the buyers or through imports. Kampuchea companies also believe that the production of leather goods in Kampuchea is conducive to the garment industry, reducing the cost of transportation and services, while increasing industry revenue.