Leather logo provides basic guarantee for the development of eco leather enterprises

2013 is a key year for the development of “leather logo eco leather”. The quality is the basic guarantee for the development of enterprises.
The testing report shows that most of the companies all the test items are well up to standard, and a lot of indicators are far more than the national standards and European standards. However, there are very few enterprises in the detection of samples in the specified load elongation, breaking strength, color fastness and formaldehyde and other indicators on the phenomenon of failure to meet the standards. China Leather Association in the detection results, the results of the sample testing of each eco leather enterprises have been evaluated, while the presence of non compliance projects as soon as possible to adjust and improve the production process technology to meet the requirements of the relevant standards. In this, it also reminds the leather enterprise to strengthen the relevant standards of learning, increase the intensity of self inspection, and improve the internal quality monitoring mechanism, and strive to “leather logo eco leather” product sampling detection “up to 100%”.