Ecological leather culture

China Leather Association after 7 years of deliberation and preparation, in July 2002 officially launched the leather logo eco leather”. January 22, 2003, the State Economic and Trade Commission and the China Light Industry Federation in Beijing jointly held a leather logo leather press conference, released China’s leather industry development trend, announced that since January 22, 2003, China officially implemented in the leather industry to prove trademark leather logo eco leather, twelve leather backbone enterprises received the first leather logo eco leather qualification.
China Leather Association to implement the main purpose of leather logo eco leather mainly following three points:

  1. To improve the environmental protection consciousness of the whole industry, and ensure the sustainable development of China’s leather industry, bear the obligation to the earth. “Leather logo eco leather” work is the first guide to have the conditions of the backbone of the first action, so as to promote the whole industry environmental protection awareness, the work to the enterprise voluntary principle.
  2. China’s leather products to the international, must implement the brand strategy, brand development in the domestic and foreign markets. Through the “leather logo eco leather” to improve the leather industry’s trademark, brand awareness, to create China’s famous brand products, so as to better expand the domestic and foreign markets. Through the application of leather logo eco leather work, certification and daily management and supervision, service guidance, the production process, management and brand of a group of backbone enterprises have been further improved. Through each year of sampling, three years of recognition, for the backbone enterprises to build an equal competitive arena, and enhance the international competitiveness of China’s leather, to better expand domestic and foreign markets.
  3. The establishment of early warning mechanism of the industry, actively fight technical barriers to trade, to ensure sustained and stable growth and leather products export. After China’s entry into the WTO, with the reduction of tariff barriers, technical barriers to trade and other non-tariff barriers have become the main obstacle to the export of China’s leather and products.

Through the “leather logo eco leather” to establish the industry self-regulation mechanism, China Leather Association will continue to carry forward the international technical trade barriers information collection, and timely revision of the leather logo eco leather product specification, so that China’s leather enterprises in the face of the full preparation. Such as: 1994 Germany issued a ban on the use of certain azo dyes in textiles and leather, China Leather Association after seven years of research and preparation, launched a “leather logo eco leather” implementation plan, and in July 1, 2002 officially launched. The European Union has following Germany formally by banning the use of certain azo dyes in textiles and leather ban in September 11, 2002, so the “eco leather leather logo” timely introduction plays a proactive role, marking the China leather industry has a clear understanding of the technical barriers to trade, and have the ability to take the initiative to meet the technical barriers to trade the challenge.