Analysis of the characteristics and differences of leather eco leather

Leather eco leather is a product made by the chemical treatment of the skin of the animal and plant in the natural environment. Identification method can be used for visual identification, feel, smell, burning, etc.. Natural leather with irregular pores, lower animal fiber, scrape will appear leather fiber pile up, feeling, elastic, leather front downward bending 90 degrees will appear natural wrinkles, because forming fibrous tissue uneven leather is of nature, so the wrinkle lines formed by the performance there are obvious uneven phenomenon, the natural leather has a very strong smell of fur, even after treatment, the taste is more obvious, the combustion will be issued when a hair burning smell, burning ashes fragile into powder.
Leather eco leather has a head skin, two skin of the points.
The first layer of skin, which is made from the skin of the upper material of the disabled, is preserved, and the coating is thin and can show the natural beauty of the skin. It is not only wear resistant, but also has good air permeability.
All grain leather features: divided into soft leather, leather, leather, etc.. Features for the full retention of grain, clear, small, small, close, irregular arrangement, the surface of full and detailed, full of elasticity and good air permeability, is a high-grade leather. Made of leather products, the use of comfortable durable and beautiful.
Semi grain leather: its characteristics in the production process after processing and grinding only half of the grain, so it is called semi grain leather. Keep the natural leather part of the style, the pores are oval shaped, irregular arrangement, feel hard, the general selection of raw materials with poor grades. So mid-range leather. Because of the special nature of the process, its surface is not disabled and scar and its utilization is high, the product is not easy to deformation, so it is generally used for large document box products.
The first layer of leather, leather shaving: coat stuffing machine with light magic after finishing rolling, and made corresponding patterns. In fact, it’s a “cosmetic” for a natural leather surface with a disability or a rough surface “. Such leather almost lost the original surface state,
Shave skin characteristics: also known as the “smooth leather”, also known as the market fog face, bright leather. Characteristics for the surface smooth and no pores and skin patterns, in the production of surface grain surface grain surface modification, the surface of the leather coating a layer of non – colored resin, covering the surface of the leather lines, and then spraying the water – borne light, so it is a high-grade leather. In particular, the bright surface of leather, its bright dazzling, elegant style, is a popular fashion leather
Special effect leather features: its production process requirements with repair leather, but in the colored resin inside with beads, metal aluminum or metal copper without a comprehensive coating of leather, and then roll a layer of transparent resin, its finished products with a variety of shiny, bright village, Yong Ronghua expensive, for the current popular leather, a mid-range leather. Embossed leather characteristics: the flower plate with pattern (aluminum, copper) for heating and pressing various patterns on the surface of leather, a style of leather. Currently the market is popular with “litchi grain leather”, which is the use of a piece with the pattern of the flower plate, the name is also known as “litchi grain leather”. Such as the market to see the crocodile skin, a lot of time just to use the leather on the crocodile skin, not a real crocodile skin. For example, you see the python leather shoes, it is not a real snake skin, pigskin may only be printed on the snake skin pattern.
Two – two layers: layer of skin leather is thick skin piece of skin cutting machine layer, the first layer is used to do full grain leather or leather shaving, after finishing two layer or film series process into two layer of leather, poor fastness wear resistance. It is a kind of leather in the cheapest.
Two layer leather characteristics: the opposite is the second layer of leather leather, the surface coated with a layer of PU resin, so also called paster cowhide. Its price is relatively cheap, the utilization rate is high. Its change with the process is also made of various grades of varieties, such as the import of two layer of leather, due process unique, stable quality, variety and novelty, for the current high-grade leather, price and grade are no less than the first layer of leather.