PT. Budi Makmur Jayamurni

Indonesia Leader Leather Industries



ISO 14001

Who  We  Are

We are using the latest technology to
produce high quality leather that could
meet the market demand requirement.
We had exported our products through out world wide.

Budi Makmur Jayamurni Yogyakarta Indonesia
Leather Industries, existing since 1966 and set forth
the management system for processing leather
modernized and have a certain quality as an
international leather industry, have succeeded
in working closed cooperation with well known raw
material supplier world wide.

Quality  Leather

Leather industries have entered into the
advance era. The development could be
witnessed from the process in preparing
leather with quality monitored, accurate
raw material selection process, finishing
process which could yield  high quality.

Leather product that could meet the market
demand requirement, leather industry
standard and certainly of meet appear the
organization forleather standardization,
as an independent institution which is
loaded with procedure and complex
stipulation, however  PT Budi Makmur
Jayamurni Yogyakarta Indonesia can get the
trust to obtain the certificate from LWG
(Leather Working Group).

Our  Vision

Continuous effort & progress to produce leather
with satisfactory quality,which satisfy customer
request, competitive in international market,
environmental friendly and produces according to the management system of ISO 9001:2008.


Experiences in processing and high standard management leather industry has send PT Budi makmur Jayamurni Yogyakarta Indonesia to become leather industry which always give priority quality for leather production with product and service mainly in :

1.Processing raw goat & sheep skin to become pickle and Wet Blue as based for further process
2. Converting Wet Blue into Crust and Finished Leather for various Leather usage/related industries.

Our Industry products are very suitable as the basic leather for industries such as
1. Garment, Footwear, leather Goods , Dress and Sport Gloves.